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AutoRecon – Our Story

Jamie Lasher has worked in auto body shop business for over 30 years. Not only was he enamored with painting & repairing cars, everything about the car business fascinated him. Upon graduating from high school Jamie attended Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City, Iowa and graduated from the Auto Body Repair program. While attending Western Iowa Tech, Jamie worked at Jiffy Lube and became intrigued by the “quick service” business model that Jiffy Lube was known for. However, Jamie was not interested in the mechanical side of the car business, it was the body repair, paint and appearance part of the business that held his interest.

Jamie always dreamed of creating a “quick service” business model for the exterior repairs on vehicles. Jamie has worked is several roles ranging from a technician in the auto body shop to a manager at a car dealership where he managed & oversaw the construction of a new state of the art autobody/reconditioning facility.

In 2000 Jamie opened a mobile reconditioning franchise in Des Moines, Iowa. The business specialized in on-site leather, vinyl, fabric & plastic repair for car interiors. That business serviced car dealerships throughout Central Iowa & in 2001 opened a small 1,500 square foot shop where they did minor auto body repair & bumper repair for car dealerships. Through the next several years Jamie was able to build the business into a multi van operation servicing 40 plus dealerships and producing over $1,000,000 a year in revenue. In 2006 Jamie partnered with a company and implemented a paint touch-up franchise system with technicians throughout the United States and Europe before leaving the company in 2009.

From his past experience, Jamie knew the process for exterior paint touch-up was too complex and unfortunately didn’t give the best results. Most touch-up systems on the market today offer hundreds of toners and colors that don’t match, out of date application methods that don’t work and to top it off, the training and support is nearly non-existent. The end result is a poor quality touch-up and eventually an investment that just sits in the corner because the technicians don’t believe in the product and therefore don’t use it.

Jamie realized that there was a need for reconditioning products that #1 actually worked, #2 were easy to use, #3 provided superior results, #4 were backed by the best training and support that the industry has ever seen!

Thus AutoRecon Supply was born. At AutoRecon, our first task was to create a superior quality, more efficient, user friendly system for touching up cars. We believed that you could simplify the process and get better results and that is exactly what we have created with our flagship product “The AutoRecon Paint Restoration System.”